About Medhouse

Medhouse was founded in 1999 and has today about 

100 employees represented throughout the Nordic region

The Medhouse feeling since 1999

Medhouse was founded by Per Öberg and Tomas Ludvigsson in 1999. Tomas and I, from Höllviken and Halmstad respectively, have been friends since before our studies in Lund, and after a few years in the pharmaceutical industry, we decided to realize our dream of starting a company together. Says Per

We had met consulting companies in the industry and thought:
– ”There must be a better way”.

This is how Medhouse was formed. With the ambition to be a professional consulting company characterized by innovation. A consulting company with well-trained, professional and motivated consultants, Per continues.

Among the leading companies in the industry with operations in all Nordic countries

The company was well received by the industry and grew steady. Today, we are among the leading companies in our industry, with around 100 employees and operations in all the Nordic countries. We were right. There was a better way. And there still is.

Our guiding principle is to build a team of positive consultants that we truly believe in. To dare to challenge and constantly develop new ways of working with the customer in an industry that is often characterized by a conservative basic view.

After more than 24 years, we continue to cultivate what we call the ”Medhouse feeling”. A sense of professionalism and commitment sprung from our great understanding and knowledge of the customer’s challenges.

We want to be perceived as a simple and positive company to deal with. We should simply be there to help as a full-service companies in the Life Science industry.

About Medhouse

Medhouse was founded in 1999 and is a full-service company in Life Science with about 100 employees in the Nordic region. Medhouse offers services in interim, recruitment, regulatory service and project teams.



– Gazelle company in Denmark 2019
– Gazelle company in Sweden 2009
– Ernst & Young nomination “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2015

In a proud collaboration with GAPS

Medhouse is a part of the collaboration alliance GAPS along with the companies EVERSANA, Medipartner, Icon Group, BI Pharma, good healthcare group and Jakin. GAPS offers unique, cross-border solutions, combining local market insights with international collaboration.

Medhouse AB is part of the Nordic Medhouse group of companies which in addition to Medhouse AB consists of the companies Medhouse MORE Medical AB (subsidiary, corporate identity number 556999-6472) and Medhouse Recruitment AB (subsidiary, corporate identity number 559234-2397) in Sweden, Medhouse ApS (partner company, CVR no. 36702893) in Denmark, Medhouse Finland Oy (subsidiary, Y-tunnus 2881442-8) and Medhouse AS (subsidiary, corporate identity number 923115161) in Norway.