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Our passion to locate the right competence for your company

A recruitment is an opportunity to bring new energy and skills into the organisation and a successful recruitment can be an asset for the team and the company. Conversely, incorrect recruitment can become a costly affair and negatively affect your organisation. We at Medhouse are specialists in minimising the risks and maximising the value and benefits with successful recruitments.

Medhouse has extensive and documented experience of recruitments in
– Medical and Regulatory Affairs
– Production
– Commercial services

We are convinced that a successful recruitment begins with a thorough preparatory work, where we together with the you as a customer identifies the competence needs and what you are seeking in your future employees.

Anna-Maria Lindqvist

Affärsområdeschef Medtech.

Interim samt rekrytering. HR-specialist

Krister Sandström

Senior Advisor
of Executive Search

A process adapted to your needs

The work of finding the right candidate follows a carefully prepared process that we adapt based on your business needs. Our entire business is characterized by flexibility, you as a customer decide which parts you want help with and together, we create a recruitment solution that suits your needs. We often help with the entire process from requirements specification to presentation of candidates. But there is nothing to stop us from providing a more limited delivery.
Maybe you need help with a second opinion when it comes to weighing between two candidates?

Maybe you want help with something else?

Extensive network and knowledge in the industry

When we are looking for the right candidate for your company, we benefit greatly from our extensive network, both in Sweden and in the rest of the Nordic region. We know the industry, your market and your competitors.

Your company's extended arm

In the recruitment process, one of our main goals is to give all candidates as honest an image of your organization as possible. We always strive to contribute to a good candidate experience throughout the process, as we know that a candidate who doesn’t match the need today may be just right for you in a future recruitment.

Why a competency-based recruitment process?

To ensure that:
– You as a customer get a candidate with the right skills and profile
– All candidates are treated fairly and without prejudice

The recruitment process

Specialist areas

Regulatory Affairs

Surveillance of the development, validation, production, marketing authorisation and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is a way to ensure and monitor the products quality during manufacturing and after its release to the market.


Pharmacovigilance and materiovigilance includes the collection, detection, assessment, surveillance, and prevention of adverse events of pharmaceuticals or medical devices, cosmetics, and food supplements.

Executive search

We combine our in-depth industry knowledge with our extensive network to find and secure the right leadership talents. We focus on competence and leadership style to ensure an ideal match.


Validation encompasses a structured mapping and assessment, or control, that the requirements for a specific product or process are met, i.e. that the intended use and application is ensured and documented.

Commercial services

Do you need to strengthen or increase resources for your marketing or sales organization?
We have the expertise within sales, marketing, market access and digital solutions.

Medical Affairs

Through our medical team, we help you match the right consultant based on the needs your organization currently has.
We offer services such as MSL, Medical Advisors and Medical Coordinators.

Project management

Coordination of projects within e.g. process technology, process improvement and updating / introduction of quality or document management systems.

Project teams

Sometimes our customers need several different functions in the same project.
We can tailor solutions based on each individual request. This makes it possible to both cut lead times and adapt exactly the number of resources required for a project.