Medhouse consultants

Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Production and commercial services

Carefully selected consultants who strengthen your company

There can be several reasons why it is time to bring in a consultant. Maybe it’s a launch, a parental leave, a sick leave or some other event that makes it necessary to quickly get reinforcement in the form of one or more consultants.
It can also be a peak in the workload that we can help to reduce. Or maybe it’s just time to get new energy into the business. No matter what, we at Medhouse, are with you all the way, until we find the right consultant for you.

Medhouse has a long and documented experience in finding consultants within:
– Medical and Regulatory Affairs
– Production and distribution
– Commercial services

The preparatory work is of great importance to us. We always make sure that we together with the customer, create a requirement specification and a clear profile of the consultant who is requested. If you want to find the right one, you must first know what you are looking for.

Åsa Rune


konsulttjänster samt rekrytering

Extensive network of contacts and carefully selected consultants

It is important to us that our consultants feel secure in their employment. This means that we take responsibility for them in the long run and put a lot of energy into getting them to develop through coaching, further education and knowledge exchange.

We have over 20 years of experience in the Life Science sector. During that time, we have not only learned what our customers need, we have also developed a very extensive network of contacts that covers the entire Nordic region. It helps us identify and connect with some of the industry’s best talents.

Over the years, we have developed and refined our recruitment process through extensive research work, competence-based interviews in several steps and careful reference taking that leads to a very high level of accuracy. By doing this, we can find a consultant who not only has the right education and experience but also the right personality and attitude to fit into the very culture that prevails in your company.

In our team, we have everything from the most senior consultants to new, exciting talent that we develop through the trainee program we run together with our clients. Contact us and together we can review your needs and identify which consultant is best for you.

Our process for consulting services

Customer inquiry incl. requirements spec, expectations, needs & objectives

– Quotation, agreement & general terms and conditions
– Go ahead from customer
– Advertising and candidate search
– Selection and competence-based interviews
– Match of candidate


Presentation of candidate & interview with client

– Reference taking + background check
– Sign agreement
– Project start & continuous follow-up



Specialist areas

Regulatory Affairs

Surveillance of the development, validation, production, marketing authorisation and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is a way to ensure and monitor the products quality during manufacturing and after its release to the market.


Pharmacovigilance and materiovigilance includes the collection, detection, assessment, surveillance, and prevention of adverse events of pharmaceuticals or medical devices, cosmetics, and food supplements.

Process technology

Involves operational and process monitoring, streamlining work, and improvement work in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


Validation encompasses a structured mapping and assessment, or control, that the requirements for a specific product or process are met, i.e. that the intended use and application is ensured and documented.

Commercial services

Do you need to strengthen or increase resources for your marketing or sales organization?
We have the expertise within sales, marketing, market access and digital solutions.

Medical Affairs

Through our medical team, we help you match the right consultant based on the needs your organization currently has.
We offer services such as MSL, Medical Advisors and Medical Coordinators.

Project management

Coordination of projects within e.g. process technology, process improvement and updating / introduction of quality or document management systems.

Project teams

Sometimes our customers need several different functions in the same project.
We can tailor solutions based on each individual request. This makes it possible to both cut lead times and adapt exactly the number of resources required for a project.