Our sustainability policy has three focus areas:

social, financial, and environmental

Our sustainability work

In 2015 the United Nations set the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Included are 17 goals to improve the lives of people everywhere and protect the world we live in.

We are supporters of the UN agenda and have therefore chosen to base our Sustainability plan on these goals. We also understand that our impact is greatest against the goals that are closest to what we do. That’s why we’ve chosen these four goals to focus on:
Our main purpose is to find the most qualified person for the right position by matching our customers’ needs with the right competence. Also, we aim to find positions for our consultants where they can thrive and have the possibility to develop. We strive to achieve this without unnecessary impact on our planet and with the greatest possible well-being of both internal and external stakeholders. We want to contribute to a sustainable work life and growth without jeopardizing the opportunities for future generations. Our sustainability policy has three focus areas; social, financial, and environmental.

Social – Based on our business’ main purpose, we find that social sustainability is where we can contribute the most and bring the greatest value. We offer safe working conditions and understand that life is more than work; we strive for our employees to be healthy and long-term lasting. We are convinced that the person with the most suitable competence for a position will thrive, prosper, and succeed in their role. Further, the right person on the right position enables high quality delivery.
Financial – Our business foster work opportunities that bring personal income and market wages. Moreover, our services facilitate appointments of labor.

Environmental – We adapt our daily operations to reduce our environmental and climate footprint. We aim to further expand the environmental and climate aspects of the company and empower additional sustainable options.